Spike Lee in the News

Before we get focused on our midterm posts I figured I would share a little bit about Spike Lee in the news, mostly due to the fact that some people were interested in a little more variety outside of film analysis.

Spike is one of the headliners for the upcoming Red Bull Music Academy Festival that is set to take place in late April and early May. He is giving the talk on May 2nd about how and why he incorporates music into his films. While I am sure we will be stuck at school here, you can tune in online at Red Bull Music Academy Radio. Also, on a personal note, this festival came to my attention because my brother has taken part in producing a documentary called “Kiki” that will be premiering/kicking off the entire festival. While the film is still touring festivals all over ( Sundance, Berlin)  I attached a little bio review for anyone who wants to learn more about an underground dance community and its affects on LGBTQ youth. While I haven’t seen the full documentary, I am certain it is thoroughly engaging and thought provoking.

I hope this wasn’t too much of an off topic tangent, I just wanted to throw some other things on the blog that are semi-related to Spike Lee and some of the thematic elements we have discussed thus far.  Let me know what you think!