Million Man March

Jeremiah”Wright” Washington



Praying to the Creator

Could Jeremiah Wright’s character be influenced by the works or Jeremiah Wright?

In 1995, Jeremiah Wright delivered a prayer at the Million Man March in Washington, D.C. In the movie, we always see Jeremiah Washington initiate prayers.

Jeremiah Wright was a pastor of the Trinity United Church of Christ from 1972 until 2008. He is a well-known preacher and was the ex-pastor of President Obama.

Barack Obama adapted his phrase “audacity to hope” to “audacity of hope” and used it as a title for his 2004 keynote address and the title of his second book.

Jeremiah Wright is most known for his relationship ending comments about President Barrack Obama back in June 2009. Jeremiah told news reporter that Obama was being controlled by “them Jews” and that he was unable to talk to Obama because they weren’t going to let Obama talk to him. He basically exposed the fact that Obama isn’t in control of his own position as present and in reality he has no power. He’s just doing what Jewish Zionist tells him to do.


These remarks reminded me of the chicken comment that Malcolm X (in the movie) made about the President’s assassination. Shortly after the Nation of Islam turned their backs on him. Here’s what President Obama did:

One comment said “Obama sold out his Reverend of 20 years to be elected president. He did it to appease white people.” How do you feel about this comment?