5 College Digital Humanities Showcase

On April 30th, I had the opportunity to attend the DH showcase in the Center for Humanistic Inquiry, and I will be highlighting a few of the things I learned. If you are confused about what Digital Humanities is, you can check out my previous blog about it here.

Professor Parham, whose also the director of the Five College Digital Humanities, introduced the showcase by stating the necessity of having such an event. She mentioned how creating informal settings where individuals can comfortably share their works, generates better conversations and encourages people to be more involved in DH projects. She also emphasized the power of social media in establishing connections within the DH arena.

Unfortunately, I was only able to stay for two of the presentations, but I thought that the works done by these two speakers was really cool. The first was Professor Martin Norden, who is a film historian and a professor of communications at Umass. He teaches an interesting film course that utilizes multitudes of digital, online historical newspapers to convey to his students how history is ever changing. In the course syllabus, students are required to engage with past films in conjunction with articles that were produced at the time. It seemed like a really fascinating course, and I might even take it some time before I graduate.

The second speaker was Alana Kumbier, a librarian for the Social Sciences and Digital Pedagogy at Hampshire College. She has been leading a DH project known as Zine Scenes, which will be offered as a course in the upcoming fall semester. Zine Scenes “evoke[s] the relational, highly interpersonal modes and cultures of zine dissemination and to help ‘digital natives’ understand what it was like to encounter and participate in communities of zine makers and readers before the spread of email, online social networks, and digitized collections.” Hampshire students have actually contributed to a lot of the project’s success, and the lead student, Norah, even got to present her piece in the beginning of the day. You can access the project here if you want to find out more.

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