Chi-Raq | Music

Throughout the film, Lee empowers women through their ownership of sexuality but at times undercuts it through the use of music. In the musical scene at 1:21.40, Lee utilizes the song “Oh Girl” which preaches the powerlessness of men without women in their lives, “Have you ever seen such a helpless man.” Though the lyrics place the power in the hands of the women, their behavior in response to the song demonstrates the opposite as they slowly succumb to the song.They were only successful in resisting the “stimulation” of the music through the assistance of ear plugs. The dependence upon these ear plugs emphasizes the inability of women to resist temptation set forth by men without outside aid. The ownership of women’s sexuality is the only consistent source of power for these women, yet the oversimplified “Operation Hot and Bothered” is nearly successful by men in taking that power back.

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