Crooklyn’s Family Vibes: Troy and Carolyn

Perhaps the aspect of Crooklyn that made me love the movie so much was the family’s vibes, and how much I related to it.  During Troy and her brother’s scenes of arguing and fighting, I laughed and thought back to the numerous fights that myself and my siblings have had.  The love that he portrays on screen is comforting and, thankfully, familiar.

I particularly related to Troy’s relationship with her mother.  There is a special bond between the two.  Though Carolyn is a strict disciplinarian who is responsible primarily for keeping the house afloat, she is more sensitive with Troy, her only daughter.  This is portrayed in the scene when Carolyn and the family drop Troy off at her aunt’s house, and in the proceeding letters the two exchange. In the letters, Carolyn has a soft tone.  She is understanding and loving and shares family updates.   The way Carolyn recounts the family’s doings is almost the opposite of the screaming Carolyn that we see trying got get her kids to go to bed at normal hour or get them to turn off the TV.  When Carolyn whispers in Troy’s ear, it gives the viewers the feeling that though we are getting a glimpse into this family, there are still some things that are for family only. Though there are scenes where she disciplines Troy, like when she makes Troy to a boy for calling him and his mother mean names, she and Troy clearly share a bond that is facilitated by their femaleness.  In many ways, as seen after Carolyn’s death, their relationship is meant to be teach Troy, so that she may assume Carolyn’s position.

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